What battery to buy

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The battery is called by many the heart of the vehicle. Without it, we will not start the engine or use lighting, lighter, heating, air conditioning, radio or other electronic elements of the car’s equipment. It is assumed that the battery life is about five years. However, it should be remembered that this time can be dramatically reduced as a result of an improper operation. The age, model, and equipment of the car are not without significance. The newer and more car-filled car, the greater the load on the battery. So how to choose the battery properly for the vehicle? Should the price be any determinant? What parameters speak for the benefit of a particular model?

The constructors know best

Most people buying a battery are looking for a model with the largest possible capacity and with a high inrush current. Meanwhile, the most important parameter to pay attention to is … manufacturer’s recommendations. It’s not without reason that the constructors have used such a battery in a particular model. When looking for the perfect battery, it is worth to look into the car’s manual and remember that if the manufacturer allows the use of different capacities, this is due to climatic conditions. If the car will drive on roads that do not know winter, just smaller. If the struggle with harsh frosts awaits him, a more capacious version will work better. Absolutely the battery must have the right dimensions. The newer the car, the more likely it is that the battery will have an unusual shape or mounting system.

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Cheap not always pounds y – expensive is not always good

If the manufacturer recommends using an AGM battery in a given vehicle, you can not count on a low price. The cheapest models cost about 400 pounds, although it’s 600-800 pounds by default. However, if your vehicle only needs a lead-acid battery, for 200-300 pounds, you will buy a good-quality model that should abolish the standard conditions of use. It is not worth reaching for the cheapest no- name, but also not necessarily the most expensive will be the best. If there is no need to use a larger or more technologically advanced model, which you do not fully use, then why overpay? The best solution is to adapt the battery to individual needs, then review the offer of matching models and choose one at an average price. Of course, you can rely on the reputation of the brand – models from Bosch, Centra or Varta are most often chosen by drivers.

The price is not everything! The most important are the appropriate parameters and their adaptation to the car, but also the needs of the driver. Buy the battery from a reliable seller and always ask how long it has been stored. The proper assembly and proper operation are also important. With a little attention, you can count on trouble-free use for a good few years.