The most common mistakes made while washing the car

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When spring comes, the times of more frequent car washing are coming back. Care treatments at beloved four wheels can be a perfect complement to a sunny weekend or relaxation after a hard day’s work. However, it happens that after a long and labor-intensive washing the effect is weak. Sometimes – what is worse – you can see that new varnish and other imperfections have appeared on the varnish. Why is this happening? What are the most common mistakes made while washing the car?

Wiping instead of washing

Let me start with a mistake calling for vengeance to heaven. It’s about wiping a dirty car dry. It’s a crime on the paint! Wiping the dust or mud with a “quick” cloth is a guarantee of a scratch. If the car gets dirty, we have to wash it.

Washing with home remedies

And if we’ve already decided to face the car wash, let’s do it neatly. First of all, we have to properly supply ourselves. A common mistake is to use the same means we use at home. Unfortunately, the liquid for cleaning the fireplaces does not replace the rim washing liquid – it is true that the rims will seem clean, but together with the dirt will also get rid of the protective layer. Instead, it is better to opt for a specific product of such companies as eg ADBL or K2.

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Washing with a hard sponge and scrubbing

The sponge seems to be made to wash the car … but it is not quite so. First of all, many sponges have a very hard structure that badly affects the varnish. Secondly, sponge pores often contain dirt or sand that can lead to scratches or circular marks. And when the sponge collapses and we still use it, problems are guaranteed. The recipe for this is the use of a soft microfibre glove. Its additional advantage is the ease of use and the possibility of washing in the washing machine. The glove itself is not worth scrubbing. If some dirt does not go down – instead of scrubbing, apply the appropriate measure. Insects will wash off the insect remover instantly. There are also many liquids on the market for removing tar, resin and asphalt residues.

Applying only one bucket

Let’s just say it straight – washing with one bucket does not make sense. Why put a mitten in a solution of shampoo, water and … dirt? That’s why we need two buckets. In one we will soak the glove in water and shampoo, and in the other, we will rinse it in the water itself. It is best that the second bucket has a dirt separator. The producers of such buckets are, for example, Shiny Garage or the famous Meguiar’s detailer.