The best chains for the car

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The advantages of high-end chains

The most appreciated advantage of the premium segment chains is the provision of an automatic tensioner that minimizes the time it takes to put them on the wheels. The self-tensioning system excludes the need to re-tension the chains after driving several dozen meters.

More expensive chains are designed for cars from the upper shelf, in which the distance between the tire and the wheel arches is small. Their construction is based primarily on cells with a small diameter. Top products, of course, guarantee the best traction and shortest braking distances thanks to the optimized chain design. They are also often made of specially treated metal alloys for maximum durability.

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Their main disadvantage is, of course, the price starting from several hundred pounds and up.

One of the largest chain producers in the world is the Austrian company Pewag, whose roots date back to 1479. The Snox Pro and Servo models can be distinguished among the top products of the brand. The first of them is characterized by an innovative assembly method. It requires the user to only slide the chains onto the wheel, which was achieved by placing the tensioner on the inside of the rim. You must pay at least 550 pounds for the Snox Pro product. It is also worth noting that this model was awarded in the ADAC test and won in comparison with the chains carried out by the ACE organization.

Another prestigious product of the Pewag company is the Servo family, including the Servo and Servo Sports models. They offer excellent adhesion due to the use of a dense mesh of links and high mounting comfort with the use of an automatic tensioner. In addition, the model with the note “Sport” was designed specifically for cars with a small clearance between the wheel and the body of the vehicle. The prices of chains of this type start at around 500 pounds.