Preparing the car for spring

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Winter is a difficult time for a car. Snow, mud, road chemistry – it all imprints its mark both on the visible elements of the vehicle (body, windows, interior), as well as in hard to reach nooks and crannies. To prevent rapid wear of individual parts of the car, progressive corrosion and other effects of winter, it is worth using the appropriate means to wash off the vehicle leaving the seasons and allow the breeze of spring freshness to cover our car from every possible side.

Washing the chassis

Salt, mud, sand, and chemicals applied in tones to roads in winter attach themselves to the chassis, enter its recesses, and leave them there to create corrosive foci, in other words – rusting the car. Washing the chassis after winter is not just a whim, it’s an absolute must! Unfortunately, this step is the most difficult of all because it requires not only the right resources but above all the conditions. If you do not have a garage with a canal, the minimum will be a car raid. You also need to have a pressure washer preferably with a chassis cleaner. Thoroughly wash the chassis, closed profiles, wheel arches, brake system, not forgetting about the gentle handling of the exhaust system.

Body cleaning

We start this step with a body wash, preferably a pressure washer of dirt, sand, etc. If we do not have it, we can pre-use the touchless car wash – we will do the rest of the work in our own yard. Then, with a good car shampoo (eg Meguiar’s Gold Class), we wash the body (from top to bottom), paying particular attention to all corners, connections with strips, fuel fillers etc. It is a good practice to use a bucket with separator or two separate ones – one with shampoo, and the other with water – in which we clean the microfiber washer or a special glove (eg sheep’s wool) from dirt. Then thoroughly rinse and dry the car with chamois (applying, but not rubbing).

Take care of the varnish

When the car is clean and dry, inspect the condition of the paint coat. Small splashes can be masked by the varnish for the touch-up selected according to the code of the original color of the car. When the car is already clean and the camouflage is masked, it’s time to go to his care. Depending on the condition of the varnish, we can choose to wax with polishing (manual or mechanical) or gluing. The minor wax will also mask the fine scratches. After proper protection of the varnish, the next time you clean the car, it is enough to cover the body with a balm for cars to enjoy a beautiful and well-groomed body.