How to improve cornering

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the pre-sellers offer different cars. Some of them are sports or “sportive” models, designed specifically to give as much joy as possible on curves. Other models were created as city vehicles. But every car on the road must go round the corner from time to time. I do not think there is a driver who would not want his car to behave as good as possible. After all, stable driving is not only fun but – above all – safety. Let us note at this point that although the family minivan will not make a race car, however, there are some ways that each car was better prepared to overcome the winding road.

The only point of contact with the surface

Do you feel that your car behaves less when cornering than some time ago? First of all, check the tires. They are the only point of contact between the car and the surface, so they must not be neglected. First, look carefully at each of the gums. They can not be cracked or cured, nor should they have any bubbles or cuts. By the way, take a look at whether the rims are curves. The tread itself must also be deep enough. The limit mentioned in the regulations is 1.6 mm, but when the gauge indicates 4 mm, it is worth thinking about replacing the tires. They should not be older than 6 years – even if they have not been founded for a long time. Gum is getting old anyway.

The tire pressure also affects the behavior of the car in the corners. It is worth checking them regularly (preferably every two weeks and before long routes) and maintains the pressure recommended by the manufacturer.