How to impregnate the upholstery in the car yourself

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There were many myths about the impregnation. One of the concerns its effects and results from the equalization of fabric impregnation methods with methods of footwear impregnation. In the case of shoes, we often deal with messy sprays of a not very pleasant smell. In addition, the surface of the footwear is slippery after this operation. Many people are afraid that also the upholstery in their car will acquire similar properties and some – that the impregnant will mess their clothes. All these fears have their source in the impregnation methods used before. The substances that are no longer used today actually caused the fabrics to become slippery, dirty and strangely fragrant. Fortunately, it is already behind us. The current impregnates penetrate deeply into the fabric, have a pleasant smell, and in addition are not slippery, because they do not contain oils.Because of accuracy – some fabrics can actually become a bit slippery, but to a small extent. For sure, we will not be able to get out of the chair at the sharpest corner.

How to impregnate upholstery

First and foremost, clean it. There are two schools. One recommends washing, the second one is dry cleaning. If the upholstery is heavily dirty, then there is no exit and it should be washed using a few sponges, cleaning agent and vacuum cleaner. First, of course, we need to vacuum up the upholstery. You can do it with a home vacuum cleaner that provides a decent suction power. If we do not have such a possibility, because we can not put the car close to the contact, we must use a vacuum cleaner at the gas station or at the car wash. Unfortunately, this solution is quite expensive, because you have to pay for every minute of using such a machine. At the same time, the narrow suction nozzle does not make the job easier. We will leave lighter at least a few pounds. On the other hand, portable vacuum cleaners rarely provide suction power that allows the removal of all dirt and dust particles.

Foam Upholstery

After thoroughly vacuuming the upholstery, it should be sprayed with a washing agent. Currently, upholstery foams are mostly used. Of course, before using it, you need to read the instruction manual carefully, but usually, you have to spray the cleaned surface, wait for the foam to absorb, and then rub the upholstery with a soft cloth or sponge. In this way, we get rid of surface dirt. Then everything needs to be vacuumed once again – thanks to this, we will remove deeper-clogged dirt. In many cases, prior washing makes it difficult to impregnate upholstery, because detergents for some time inhibit the penetration of the impregnating substance into the fabric.

When to impregnate

That is why it is best to impregnate clean, brand new upholstery. Simply after buying a new car, do not hesitate to carry out this operation. And if we need to wash up the upholstery, let’s impregnate it a few days later. We also remember that this form of protection often does not work in the case of several-year-old fabrics – their structure can be deformed so much that it will make it difficult to penetrate the product.