Engine braking – how to do it right

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There are basically no ego pounds in braking the engine. When you want to release, you do not need to press the brake, just take your foot off the gas. Of course, we will not slow down at once, but we will quietly lose speed. And if the engine speed drops to the level at which the car may start choking, we lower the gear down and continue to go without pressing the gas, reducing the speed.

What to watch out for when braking the engine?

When reducing the gear, we usually enter higher revolutions. The whole idea is that we do not use brakes for braking, but the inertia of the engine. When we press the gas, we deliver fuel to the combustion chamber. There, in a series of explosions, energy is produced, which is transmitted to the wheels via the gearbox. Wheels repel asphalt and the car drives.

When braking the engine, this situation is reversed. It is the wheels that make the engine work and does not go out. Although the saying “goes out” can be confusing. When the engine brakes it does not take fuel, it goes in the air.

But that does not mean that it will endure more. You can not exceed certain limit values, because otherwise, we weld the engine on an oak. You can not drive at the maximum speed on the four, then drop the gear on the three, because the valves will come out through the mask. Here, of course, the car’s model also matters. For example, the Honda’s Civic Type -R, who loves to spin a lot, will be much more powerful than a German diesel who is slowly fussing.

It is also not worth bending in the other direction and driving too long without gas in high gear. The engine should not choke.

Should the engine be braked?

Yes of course. It is the most effective way of decreasing speed. It is worth to practice it because it greatly influences the driving economy. Economical does not mean boring, it’s about liquidity. You can drive a lot of kilometers, using the brake only in emergency situations or to stop the car completely. The advantages are that we do not use brake pads or brake discs, and we do not need fuel to move.