Car paint protection

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The best way to care for our vehicle is to apply a protective layer on its varnish. However, before we start to select and apply a specific product, remember to prepare a vehicle for such a treatment.

Thorough washing

The beginning of the winter period should involve the thorough washing of our vehicle. It is a good habit to use an automatic car wash to clean the vehicle chassis. Unfortunately, we rarely have the option of washing the vehicle chassis on the surface of which there is a lot of salt necessary to remove it. The use of an automatic car wash raises a lot of controversies, but using it two or three times a year we cannot harm the paint of our vehicle. The automatic car wash is equipped with special nozzles to clean the body.

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It is a good habit after leaving an automatic car wash to go to a manual car wash in order to correct the shortcomings of the popular “automat”. Unfortunately, an automatic car wash cannot boast with the precision of washing, which is caused by the necessity of universality, i.e. adaptation to all models of cars traveling on the roads. After the thorough cleaning, the time to thoroughly dry the car – making choices to chamois leather or cloth of microfiber.

What coating?

The current car coating market is very rich in products. Unfortunately, the highest quality coatings require people who put on higher skills, which is why we focus only on the coatings that we can apply on our own and the effect will be visible.